Crater lake; understand water

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7 reasons why we should understand water

By Juman Hijab

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Original date: March 13, 2023  

Updated: March 13, 2023

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Crater lake; understand water

Terry Ott. USA - Oregon - Crater Lake., Aug 12, 2016

Water is the most important molecule on this planet

Why should we care about understanding water?

Here are 7 reasons for that.

With the water molecule we have:

Variations in weather patterns

Living beings

Living beings (water helps bring ions and gasses together in a chemical soup. It is from this mixture that early cells developed).

A universal solvent

Water is able to facilitate chemical reactionsenergy storage, as well as dissolve gasses like oxygen and nitrogen.

No temperature extremes

Avoidance of temperature extremes: the sand gets hot enough to burn one's feet, but water will not.

A very efficient transport vehicle

Water can transport of matter from one place to another as well as from one environment ton another (rivers, oceans, ice, steam engines, etc).

No acid/base extremes

Avoidance of chemical extremes (water is able to buffer acids, bases, and high levels of ions). 

Multiple phases in a narrow temperature range

Water is one of the few molecules that can exist in multiple phases in a narrow temperature range (at 1 atmospheric pressure). It is this temperature range (0º - 100ºC/32º - 212ºF) that allows the top 6 reasons to take place. 


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