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Life’s Chemistry Press’s mission: Making life’s molecules easier to understand.  


The goal is to make things easier to understand.

We can develop a framework that helps us understand our physical world.


GOAL: Making sense of concepts


polar bear white fur

For example, clouds are made of water and air.

Water is colorless, but clouds – particularly large, fluffy clouds – are white.

Beer has a deep amber color; but the beer head is pure white.

Polar bears also look pure white, even though the skin underneath their fur is black!


There is a common thread that makes sense of those disparate findings. 

For more on white color in nature, read this and this



Why another website?


Here is what the founder of Life’s Chemistry Press says:

“There is a need to connect information from divergent fields in such a way that we don’t have to memorize facts”.

This website attempts to do that.

It connects the physics, chemistry, and biology of natural and living things in ways that incorporate a thread of common sense. 

In doing this, we can use the concepts to broaden our understanding across other systems.

More importantly, it will be hard to forget the information since it makes intuitive sense. 




Updated: Dec 2019


Picture credits: 

  1. By Loekiepix. 3d illustration, A covalent bond also called molecular bond, is chemical bond that involves sharing of electron pairs between atoms. These electron pairs are known as shared pairs or bonding pairs, ID: 1804037413.
  2.   Dupont, Bernard. Cumulonimbus. Somewhere above Northern Uganda. Flickr – photo sharing. Taken on Sept 6, 2008.
  3. . Jessica Merz. Polar bear. Flickr photo-sharing. Taken on Feb 20, 2006.

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