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Making sense of atoms/molecules, water, life, and health

Would you like to understand how atoms come together to release heat? 

The courses will move from the basics of electrons coming together, through to water, then living systems, and finally health. It should all make sense.

1. Atoms/


Atoms have electrons that are traveling at  an estimated speed of 1,367 miles/second. How do those electrons stay organized? Why don't they crash into each other? And how is one state higher in energy than another?

2. Water

The bottom line to understanding water is understanding the versatility of the hydrogen atom and its driving need to have a balanced  spherical s orbital. Water molecules lower their kinetic energy when they form hydrogen bonds. This is why ice is so cold: all the atoms are hydrogen bonded to each other.

3. Life

How do we move from water and atoms/molecules to proteins, membranes, and cells?  Is there a simple pattern that can be learned?

4. Health

Understanding health is a relatively small step when one can see the critical nature of proteins within cell membranes. The most effective treatments (whether it is through drugs or non-drug related actions) rest on allowing healthy protein cycles to regenerate.

Learn about water -

no sweat!

Water, living atoms and molecules are fascinating. We want to share our knowledge and excitement with you.

Self Assessment Quiz

1.  If water is clear, why is fog murky? 

2.  Why are some atoms part of living beings, and others (like Bromine) are not?

3.  Why is water clear and transparent?

4.  Why is snow white....but sometimes blue?

5.  How can some bacteria live in a state of suspended life for millions of years?

6.  Why is Selenium an important trace element,  but Arsenic - which is its neighbor in the Periodic table - toxic?

Reveal the Answers