Making Life's molecules easier to understand

Fascinating Molecules 

Life at its most basic is a collection of molecules. The reason we have life is that those molecules create cyclical patterns that are responsive to the environment. 

Connecting water to living ions

Not all elements are part of life; Selenium is but Bromine only rarely. It is water's decision which atoms form living ions and which do not (or are toxic).

Understanding how water creates life

Living ions come together to form systems of interconnected molecules. Change the environment: all parts of the system disconnect and then reconnect in new ways, like an intricate kaleidoscope.

Appreciating the cyclical parts of Nature

Living systems of interconnected molecules are responsive to the cyclical rhythms of nature.

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Self Assessment Quiz

1.  If water is clear, why is fog murky? 

2.  Why are some atoms part of living beings, and others (like Bromine) are not?

3.  Why is water clear and transparent?

4.  Why is snow white....but sometimes blue?

5.  How can some bacteria live in a state of suspended life for millions of years?

6.  Why is Selenium an important trace element,  but Arsenic - which is its neighbor in the Periodic table - toxic?

Reveal the Answers

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