Explosive water

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This is an important course, because it deals with the primary bonding in atoms that are critical to water molecules and living things: Oxygen and hydrogen atoms.

This course will set the stage for a discussion of the water (H2O) molecule. The hydrogen atom is the only atom in the universe that can have hydrogen-bond-type connections. These are extremely versatile, powerful, and adaptable bonds. 

It is this bond that allows life to exist. 

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What is so special about the hydrogen atom

The hydrogen atom is the smallest atom. 

And the only one that has a relatively small mass compared to all other atoms. In this module, the articles focus on the energy of the hydrogen and helium atoms. 

It is the hydrogen atom's lone electron that makes the atom so versatile but uncommonly gentle. And yet, the hydrogen atom is capable of explosive reactions.

1. The hydrogen atom

Let's look at how the hydrogen atom binds to another one and forms the hydrogen molecule: H2


2. A somewhat inert hydrogen molecule

The hydrogen molecule is surprisingly inert given the hyperactivity of the hydrogen atoms.