How does matter warm up?

How does a metal spoon warm up in the sun? There are no discernible changes. In this course, I delve into the specifics of what happens to electrons in matter when there is an increase in temperature. 

The explanations are clearly laid out in simple mathematical terms. 

This course is a foundational course, as it will be used to go over critical concepts that form the base for future courses: Why do materials have different properties? why do solids melt at varying temperatures? and why is water the most versatile matter of all?

Picture credit: Dan Brown. Pouring liquid gold. Taken on January 10, 2006

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When is water white?

White bubbles, ice, snow, cold breath, and clouds.


What makes them so white?  There is a common theme to many of the white colors in water.


Funnily enough, a lot it has to do with air.  


Feature image:

Snow, ice, water, cloudss.

 ravas51. IMG_2395. Flickr photo-sharing. Taken Feb 5, 2013


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White color in Nature

This course highlights white color in nature. 


What is the common theme between snow, splashing water, clouds, polar bear fur, whipped egg whites, and the foam on a beer head?

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