Creating a solid Hydrogen bond for H2





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By Juman Hijab
About Creating a solid Hydrogen bond for H2

Atoms with an unmatched electron in their s orbital  are very active and fast moving. How do they create a seemingly solid bond?

This course looks at hydrogen atoms when they join to form H2, or hydrogen gas. The goal is to visualize how the two electrons of two hydrogen atoms come together to form this “solid” bond. 

But first, let’s discuss very fast creatures.


Picture credit: By  BlueRingMedia . ID 152409845. Illustration of the element Hydrogen. 

I. Changing our reality

1. Small things play to a different drummer

2. Seeing things as one

3. What is our reality?

II. Encircling the nucleus

4. Hydrogen atom

5. The reality of electrons

6. Rules of engagement

III. Creating a "solid" 2 electron bond

7. Creating 2 electron states

8. Anti-bonding and bonding electrons

9. A “solid” bond

About the Teacher

Juman Hijab

Juman is a retired physician after having been in clinical practice for more than four decades. Her lifelong interest has been in the chemistry of life.

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