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By Juman Hijab
About White color in Nature

This course highlights white color in nature.

What is the common theme between snow, splashing water, clouds, polar bear fur, white weasels (ermines), whipped egg whites, and the foam on a beer head?

Picture credit: USFWS Mountain-Prairie. Ermine. The name ermine is often used for the long-tailed weasel in its pure white winter coat. Despite their small size and cute appearance, they are very aggressive carnivores, Flickr.com, taken on March 11, 2016.

The first lesson highlights multiple entities that appear pure white within our natural surroundings. And the unifying concept behind the white color.

Most of the objects that are pure white in nature are due to masses of air bubbles that are held in place by a transparent netting. This allows light to be bounced around by the chaotic reflective surfaces. 

Bouncing light waves off air/gas molecules is a primary reason that objects are white in nature. However, there are others.

If mynah bird feathers are white because of disorganized air molecules within the shafts of the feathers,  what about other creatures?Is there a common theme to having whiteness in living creatures? 

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Juman Hijab

Juman is a retired physician after having been in clinical practice for more than four decades. Her lifelong interest has been in the chemistry of life.

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