Learn the basics of water, life, and health through simple themes and concepts.

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Water waves


School of fish



Here's an overview of the three major course areas. 

Learn how water is so versatile.

  • Why water has so many phases.
  • Why hydrogen is the only element that can form hydrogen-bond-like bonds. 
  • What is the basis for water's ability  to create life that even heavy water  cannot do?

How does water, one of the smallest molecules on the

planet, create life?

  • How are some atoms part of life and when?
  • How do small molecular systems develop?
  • How do large molecular systems develop?

Learn about health through the lens of water and living atoms.

  • What is final common          pathway to cancerous          changes?
  • What is the defining              character of young cells?
  • How do cells age?
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