How does matter warm up?

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How does a metal spoon warm up in the sun? There are no discernible changes. In this course, I delve into the specifics of what happens to electrons in matter when there is an increase in temperature. 

The explanations are clearly laid out in simple mathematical terms. 

This course is a foundational course, as it will be used to go over critical concepts that form the base for future courses: Why do materials have different properties? why do solids melt at varying temperatures? and why is water the most versatile matter of all?

Picture credit: Dan Brown . Pouring liquid gold. . Taken on January 10, 2006
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Course Structure

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I. Why do we burn our hand on the car door handle in the summer?

The introductory chapter will give an overview of the course modules. 

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II. What types of energy do electrons have?

In this module, I will discuss the different types of energy that are particular to electrons. I will also discuss what a new paradigm should cover if it is going to replace the old.


 Kevin Dooley. Atom: Protons, Neutrons, Electrons, Probability., taken on Dec 7, 2013.

3 Lessons

III. How electrons increase their kinetic energy in a predictable fashion

Everything in nature has a pattern. This module will discuss the patterns that electrons have. From those patterns we can explain how this translates in vibrational and rotational kinetic erngery.