Why is there white color in Nature?

What is the common theme between snow, splashing water, clouds, polar bear fur, white weasels (ermines), whipped egg whites, and the foam on a beer head?

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what you get

Here’s what you’ll learn in White Color in Nature!

The two main reasons objects are white!

All you have to do is know those two reasons and you can figure out why almost anything is white, without any difficulty!

Why are clouds pink and other questions

I have placed 9 questions in the course. Two of those are: "Why are clouds pink" and "Why does snow sometimes look blue". Do you know the answers?

Soap always produces white foam, even if it is black

Beer also produces white foam even though it is a deep amber. Do you know why?

About the Author

Juman is a retired physician after having been in clinical practice for more than four decades. Her lifelong interest has been in the chemistry of life. 

She is using her clinical experience to help make life's molecules easier to understand. Of course, everything starts from water. Once we understand water - through and through - we can build a strong foundation for everything else.

Connected water vapor molecules